Nanodiamond Chemotheraphy Delivery

In a paper published in the journal Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine a fascinating new method for treating cancers of the brain was detailed this week. The method uses so called nanodiamonds which are shaped a bit like a carbon soccer ball and are able to carry a wide range of drugs. These nanodiamonds improve upon traditional treatments of brain tumours due to their ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier with ease and to be retained within the cancerous cells long enough for the drugs to have a significant effect. A second very important improvement of these nanodiamonds is that they greatly reduce the effect of the cancer drug on healthy surrounding brain tissue. This study has been an important step into showing how powerful a tool nanotechnology can be when it comes to medicine and treating cancers of all types and it is hoped that bioengineers around the world will add onto this technology to give it many more benefits in the simplest ways possible.